Queens Pinch Vineyard

Mudgee Australia

Queens Pinch Rosé
Queens Pinch Cabernet Sauvignon
Queens Pinch Select Cabernet Sauvignon

The Wines

With its rich volcanic soil, cool nights and reliable summer sun, Mudgee's terroir is perfect for wine-making.

The winemakers for Queens Pinch are French born Christophe Derrez and Australian Lucy Maddox; a tenacious duo when it comes to wine making. Combining Old World traditions, New World techniques and state of the art equipment they lavish the utmost attention on every vintage to craft wines of quality and regional expression. The wines of Queens Pinch reflect this brilliantly.

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Queens Pinch Rosé

The key to a good Rosé is bringing crispness and freshness to its natural lightness. Taste Queens Pinch Rosé to see how it should be done.

Made, like all Queens Pinch wines, from grapes grown on low-cropped vines on north facing slopes, this is a delicate, refreshing choice.

The perfect summer lunch accompaniment, it's also well suited for balmy evenings or indeed anytime you want to be transported to a relaxed, weekend state of mind.

Queens Pinch Cabernet Sauvignon

Full-bodied and with a depth of taste that only comes with the long, slow ripening for which the region is famed, Queens Pinch Cabernet Sauvignon is made from fruit grown on low-cropped vines on north facing slopes. In other words, ideal conditions for producing outstanding grapes and, in turn, very special wine.

There's a good reason that cabernet sauvignon is often seen as the most 'noble' of grape varieties (and it's not just old-world snobbery). The wine that it produces is complex and layered, with a rich, heady flavour. At its best — as in the Queen Pinch Cab Sav — it is characterised by blackcurrant and licorice.

Cab sav is a classic match for a great steak or lamb dish, but Queen Pinch Cabernet Sauvignon is also perfect for enjoying unaccompanied by anything other than good conversation — shady verandah and view of the rolling Mudgee hills optional.

Queens Pinch Select Cabernet Sauvignon

Even more luscious than the regular vintage cab sav, the Queens Pinch Select Cabernet Sauvignon is, as its name suggests, something very special indeed.

Its deep, rich colour and heady bouquet promise much. One sip is all that's needed to know that the wine delivers effortlessly on those promises.

Savour it now over a memorable meal or exercise your willpower and cellar it — this beautiful and complex drop will continue to develop with age.